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Overview of punitive damages awards

If one thinks about it, a lot of accidents happen each day in the Kansas City area in which at least one person gets seriously or at least significantly injured. These accidents come in all different shapes and sizes and can happen on the road, at work, while out and about and just about anywhere.

The vast majority of accidents are preventable

There is no doubt that many car accidents are caused by a human error of some sort. For instance, a previous post talked about a serious auto accident in the area that was apparently the result of a driver error at an intersection. Speeding, inattentiveness, drowsiness and distraction are other common types of mistakes that lead to serious accidents.

Celebrate fall holidays by avoiding a car crash

For most states, the majority of motor vehicle crashes occur in the summer or winter. The summer encourages more people to go outside and increases the amount of motorists on the road, while the winter has plenty of snow and icy roads to send even the most careful of drivers crashing into each other. Many overlook fall for being between these two accident prone seasons, but Missouri residents might want to be more careful around these months.

Accident at intersection kills 1, injures 2

An accident in Independence, Missouri, part of the greater Kansas City metropolitan area, left one person dead and one person injured enough to be taken to the hospital. The driver of the other vehicle involved suffered what police called moderate injuries, but there were no reports of her being taken to the hospital as a result.

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