Representation after a drunk, or drugged, driving accident

On Behalf of | Sep 6, 2018 | Auto Accident

A previous post on this blog talked about the growing problem of drugged driving on the roads in and around Kansas City.

However, even in light of that post, no one should assume that the problem with drunk driving has gotten better just because drugged driving has gotten worse. Both remain serious threats to the many motorists in the area.

Because it is a major metropolitan area that happens to also be where major highways intersect, Kansas City has a lot of cars on the road. It is also, incidentally, a point through which a lot of large commercial vehicles must pass on their routes, and truck drivers and other commercial vehicle operators are certainly not immune from driving under the influence.

A person who causes an accident because they were under the influence of alcohol or drugs can leave an innocent driver seriously injured. After they of course get the medical treatment they need, these drivers need to take appropriate legal action in order to protect their rights.

One of these steps can be seeking the advice and assistance of qualified motor vehicle accident attorneys, such as those who work at our law office. Our office emphasizes the importance of giving good advice based on our client’s specific facts and circumstances.

We investigate all of the facts surrounding the accident thoroughly and deliberately so that we can tell our clients whether they should press on to a trial or accept a settlement for a definite, but possibly lower, sum of money.

After a drunk or drugged driving accident, victims need to protect their rights, as an insurance carrier may attempt to effectively stop the bleeding of money by offering a quick settlement that could at first glance seem generous. Those who think they may need extra help with protecting themselves should feel free to explore the remainder of our website.


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