3 reasons broken bones from car wrecks may become particularly costly

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Most people know that car crashes can cause very expensive injuries. Many motorists immediately check themselves, their passengers and even the people in the other vehicle for signs of major injuries. They then communicate with first responders about the need for medical support based on what they noticed.

Many people identify broken bones right away at the scene of a car crash. Fractures can be painful and sometimes visibly obvious. People expect a broken bone to be a relatively minor health challenge, but a fracture caused by a car crash could cost someone tens of thousands of dollars or even more.

Why do some broken bones end up costing far more than people may anticipate?

The fracture causes severe damage

Fractures can involve many different bones and can vary drastically in severity from one case to the next. A stable fracture to the femur may be inconvenient but is likely to heal completely with proper medical intervention. The bone remains aligned and only has one break for medical professionals to address. Other fractures are much more severe. Open fractures put people at risk of infection and blood loss. Comminuted fractures, like spiral fractures, often require surgical implants because the bone breaks into so many pieces. Severe fractures can be more expensive to treat and are more likely to produce lasting symptoms.

The injured party is a blue-collar worker

Someone who works as an accountant could potentially continue their job as normal even with multiple fractures. Someone who works in construction or a manufacturing profession might not be able to work at all with physical limitations related to a broken bone. They could need time away from work while their body heals and also while they undergo physical therapy. Healing a broken bone requires rest, which can affect someone’s strength and range of motion. A blue-collar worker could go months without income because of a fracture caused by a car crash.

The body doesn’t always heal properly

Sometimes, fractures forever limit someone’s flexibility and strength. Older adults are at elevated risk of a fracture having permanent medical consequences. Other times, the way the body heals, not someone’s age or underlying health conditions, is what eventually causes lasting medical symptoms. Traumatic injuries like fractures can cause the body to develop nerve-related injuries. Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) can occur after a fracture and may forever affect someone’s range of motion while simultaneously causing lingering or worsening pain.

People with broken bones often take for granted that their injuries are easy to treat, but they may end up being expensive despite an optimistic overall prognosis. Understanding why crash injuries can cost more than people expect may help those involved in a wreck better evaluate their options for compensation after a motor vehicle collision.


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