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Misdiagnosed Concussions in the NFL (and at Home)

football-1453700_1920-1024x731.jpgAccording to a recently published NPR article, the NFL and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) are ending their partnership for concussion research, with $16 million of the NFL's pledged money left unspent. The end of this relationship, along with the NFL's apparent unwillingness to follow through with its original pledge, brings up a larger conversation about how seriously the medical community is taking the effects of concussion injuries. 

Common types of injuries at retail stores

While it may be an exaggeration to call shopping a full contact sport like football, the reality is that Kansas City residents who set out to one of the area's many brick and mortar stores, whether they are in shopping centers, indoor malls or standalone structures, are exposing themselves to the possibility of being hurt.

For instance, it is always possible for a shopper to slip and fall while in a store. This can happen because a floor is wet from being cleaned or because the weather outside is rainy or snowy. Some floors also can be in poor repair, or the design of the store itself may include sudden changes in elevation. Escalators or bad lighting can also cause falls.

The upcoming fall may mean less distracted driving

With several weeks left in August, the peak of distracted driving season on the roads of the greater Kansas City area and, for that matter, around the rest of country, is still in full swing.

While all drivers should be mindful accordingly, this season is a particularly opportune time for people who may be tempted to text and drive to remind themselves about how dangerous their behavior can be for other motorists.

For whom are people willing to risk texting and driving?

Many Kansas City residents might think that, at least among working adults, people who choose to engage in texting and driving are communicating with their bosses or other professional colleagues.

While many employees, over 40 percent, admitted that they were willing to respond to texts from their bosses in order to be available to them, the reality is that texting and driving is more often than not unrelated to one's work.

What if you do not have car insurance?

One of the most important steps to take after a car accident is for both drivers to exchange insurance information with each other. The state requires this so the insurance companies of the respective drivers can cover any vehicle damage or personal injury costs from the incident.

Failing to have insurance ready at an accident can result in numerous consequences for the driver and the state. Drivers who crash without the necessary automobile insurance can cause unpaid damage claims and higher insurance premium rates for the whole state. It is important for all drivers to know what penalties they can face if they do not have motor vehicle insurance in an accident.

Honest mistakes in diagnosis versus medical malpractice

A previous post on this blog talked about the disastrous effects a misdiagnosis or even a failure of a doctor to make a timely diagnosis can have on a Kansas City resident. Indeed, patients on both sides of the state line have every right to expect their doctors to tell them what is wrong with them promptly and accurately.

However, even in our age of great progress in the realm of science and technology, the practice of medicine is still a matter of educated guesswork.

Special issues with hit-and-run accidents

A previous post on this blog talked about a tragic hit-and-run accident in the Kansas City area. Although the pedestrian involved in that accident died, the driver of the vehicle was eventually caught.

Still, this case merits a discussion about what should happen if a Kansas City resident should find himself or herself injured after a hit-and-run accident. Of course, the first step would be to do what one can to locate the driver. After all, a driver who is at fault for an accident and then tries to avoid responsibility really should be held accountable for their actions on all levels.

Man charged in hit-and-run pedestrian accident

Police have arrested a man who now stands accused of leaving the scene of a fatal pedestrian accident in the Kansas City area. The man whom he hit was crossing the street in a wheelchair and later died from his injuries.

An initial investigation revealed that the man in the wheelchair may have attempted to cross the street, at an intersection with a crosswalk, after his light had turned red. On the other hand, the man who left the scene of the accident was allegedly engaged in "texting" at the time of the accident and thus may have not been paying attention to the road.

Victims of a failure to diagnose are legally protected

A misdiagnosis, failure to diagnose or delayed diagnosis can compound the harm the victim suffers and lead to additional harm and suffering. Medical malpractice falls into several different categories or types and a failure to diagnose is one way that a negligent medical provider can cause harm to a victim who has placed the trust in the medical provider for their treatment and care.

A failure to diagnose a medical condition correctly and promptly can lead to a worsened medical condition and can be fatal in some instances. A failure to diagnose can lead to delayed treatment for the illness the victim is actually suffering from; may prevent treatment at all; or can lead to treatment of an illness the victim is not suffering from but was incorrectly diagnosed with which may also lead to a worsened medical condition or death.

Sacrificing traffic safety for convenience?

Smart technology often has the effect of making us feel stupid. At least that’s what one reporter concluded after taking a drive around AAA’s test track using a car’s smart tech.

As you might know, AAA is among the many voices warning drivers across the country of the dangers of distracted driving. The nonprofit organization’s most recent research indicates that even smart-tech-equipped vehicles are adding to distractions that too often lead to accidents, injuries and fatalities.

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