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The vast majority of accidents are preventable

There is no doubt that many car accidents are caused by a human error of some sort. For instance, a previous post talked about a serious auto accident in the area that was apparently the result of a driver error at an intersection. Speeding, inattentiveness, drowsiness and distraction are other common types of mistakes that lead to serious accidents.

What some in the Kansas City area might not realize is exactly how many accidents are probably better described as preventable mistakes on the part of at least one driver. According to at least one piece of research, 94 percent of all car collision can be attributed to some sort of human mistake, whereas the remaining 6 percent are truly unavoidable accidents.

Celebrate fall holidays by avoiding a car crash

For most states, the majority of motor vehicle crashes occur in the summer or winter. The summer encourages more people to go outside and increases the amount of motorists on the road, while the winter has plenty of snow and icy roads to send even the most careful of drivers crashing into each other. Many overlook fall for being between these two accident prone seasons, but Missouri residents might want to be more careful around these months.

Last year, the Missouri State Highway Patrol claimed that October and November have the most crashes on the state’s highways than any other month in the year. Between 2013 to 2015, autumn had either the highest amount of crashes in the year or the highest fatal crashes. While there are a number of given seasonal obstacles such as deer and colder weather, the troopers did note that there are more holiday travelers that go on the streets in these months. It is crucial for Missourians to remind themselves of these potentially perilous holidays so that they can warrant more caution on the road around these times.

Accident at intersection kills 1, injures 2

An accident in Independence, Missouri, part of the greater Kansas City metropolitan area, left one person dead and one person injured enough to be taken to the hospital. The driver of the other vehicle involved suffered what police called moderate injuries, but there were no reports of her being taken to the hospital as a result.

According to police, the accident happened at an intersection in the middle of the day and involved a van and a Kia. Police described the van as hitting the Kia at the intersection but indicated that they were continuing to investigate the cause of the accident.

Representation after a drunk, or drugged, driving accident

A previous post on this blog talked about the growing problem of drugged driving on the roads in and around Kansas City.

However, even in light of that post, no one should assume that the problem with drunk driving has gotten better just because drugged driving has gotten worse. Both remain serious threats to the many motorists in the area.

National campaign aims to reduce drugged driving

According to many, drugged driving is increasingly becoming a problem on the roads both in the Kansas City area and in the rest of the country.

Indeed, drugged driving presents some special challenges to law enforcement officers who, to some extent, are still learning to respond. These challenges are becoming even more pronounced as many states legalize even recreational marijuana consumption and, all over the country, the social acceptance of this drug grows.

The affidavit of merit requirement in med mal cases

As is the case in other states, Missouri has in recent years passed several laws that are supposedly designed to reduce abuse litigation against hospitals and doctors and, allegedly, reduce medical costs.

The flip side of these legal requirements is that they add extra obstacles and burdens to a victim's already difficult task of trying to get compensation from a doctor who is usually backed by powerful resources and interests, including the doctor's medical malpractice insurance carrier.

Misdiagnosed Concussions in the NFL (and at Home)

football-1453700_1920-1024x731.jpgAccording to a recently published NPR article, the NFL and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) are ending their partnership for concussion research, with $16 million of the NFL's pledged money left unspent. The end of this relationship, along with the NFL's apparent unwillingness to follow through with its original pledge, brings up a larger conversation about how seriously the medical community is taking the effects of concussion injuries. 

Common types of injuries at retail stores

While it may be an exaggeration to call shopping a full contact sport like football, the reality is that Kansas City residents who set out to one of the area's many brick and mortar stores, whether they are in shopping centers, indoor malls or standalone structures, are exposing themselves to the possibility of being hurt.

For instance, it is always possible for a shopper to slip and fall while in a store. This can happen because a floor is wet from being cleaned or because the weather outside is rainy or snowy. Some floors also can be in poor repair, or the design of the store itself may include sudden changes in elevation. Escalators or bad lighting can also cause falls.

The upcoming fall may mean less distracted driving

With several weeks left in August, the peak of distracted driving season on the roads of the greater Kansas City area and, for that matter, around the rest of country, is still in full swing.

While all drivers should be mindful accordingly, this season is a particularly opportune time for people who may be tempted to text and drive to remind themselves about how dangerous their behavior can be for other motorists.

For whom are people willing to risk texting and driving?

Many Kansas City residents might think that, at least among working adults, people who choose to engage in texting and driving are communicating with their bosses or other professional colleagues.

While many employees, over 40 percent, admitted that they were willing to respond to texts from their bosses in order to be available to them, the reality is that texting and driving is more often than not unrelated to one's work.

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