Three instances that constitute nursing home neglect

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Elderly individuals often can’t care for themselves alone and require the assistance of others, such as nursing home staff. Unfortunately, not all nursing home staff provide the necessary care, leading to instances of neglect. Understanding what constitutes nursing home neglect is crucial in Missouri, as it can lead to awareness and justice.

Physical neglect

Physical neglect refers to the failure of nursing home staff to meet a resident’s physical needs. This can mean not providing adequate food, water, hygiene or medical care to the elderly. For instance, if staff fail to provide enough fluid to a resident, they can become consistently dehydrated.

Dehydration is a serious concern for the elderly, as it can occur more rapidly than younger people. So, the consequences of these risks can be far-reaching.

Emotional neglect

Emotional neglect is when staff fail to acknowledge the social and emotional needs of elderly residents. Interaction and support are crucial for these residents. But, if they endure negative experiences, such as isolation or verbal abuse, this is a form of emotional neglect.

The same goes for their requests for companionship or emotional support, for example. When staff consistently ignore these requests, it’s a clear sign of neglect.

Emotional neglect, much like its physical counterpart, carries the potential for harm. It can lead to depression, anxiety and a diminished enjoyment of life.

Neglect of basic needs

Neglect of basic needs is when nursing home staff don’t provide residents with a safe and clean living environment. This includes:

  • Not cleaning rooms regularly
  • Failing to provide access to clean clothes and bedding
  • Not maintaining a safe living space by not fixing broken equipment or furniture

This neglect can lead to an uncomfortable, unsanitary and potentially hazardous living situation for residents.

Reporting nursing home neglect

Many nursing home residents are dependent on staff for these basic needs due to physical limitations or health conditions. When staff don’t meet these needs, it can lead to consequences that can even be life-threatening for residents.

For those concerned about the well-being of your elderly loved one and suspect neglect, it’s crucial to take action. Consider seeking a legal professional. A legal professional can provide guidance through the process of understanding and reporting potential cases of nursing home neglect in Missouri.


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