Does automatic braking prevent accidents?

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Computers have changed cars forever. It used to be that a car was little more than a physical machine, and every feature that was added was just something else the driver could use if they chose to do so. With computers added into the equation, though, automakers can now create safety features that cars can use with no input from the driver.

One such feature is an automatic braking system. These are available for cars that are traveling forward and for those that are backing up. When sensors indicate that a crash might take place, the car can brake itself. A human driver may not have even noticed the potential crash yet, or they may be slow to physically react, but the car’s computer doesn’t have those problems. Do these systems prevent accidents?

Studies show that it works

It’s easy to infer that this type of system would work, just based on the reasons noted above. What’s really helpful, though, is that studies back that position up and show that there is solid evidence that automatic braking is useful.

One study, which looked at automatic braking and forward crash warning systems, discovered that those systems could work together to cut accidents by 43%. Moreover, they reduced injuries by 64%. This shows that, even in cases where the system can’t completely stop the car and prevent the wreck, it can still reduce speeds and keep people safe.

Did you get injured?

Technology is promising and useful, but it will never prevent all accidents. If you got injured in a crash, you must know if you have a right to compensation.


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