Potato chip company recalls 16,000 bags of crisps

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Food manufacturers must clearly state when a product contains allergens, such as milk. These measures are in place to help protect consumer health. Recently, a known potato chip company failed to meet this requirement, resulting in the recall of over 16,000 bags of vegetarian crisps. Even a small trace of allergens in food can be fatal to consumers with sensitivities, emphasizing the importance of proper food labeling and the consequences of falling short.

How missing labels on snacks may endanger consumers

Following a customer complaint, the FDA initiated an investigation into Frito Lay’s Chickpea Veggie Crisps. After confirming that the snack contained undeclared milk ingredients, the company voluntarily recalled 16,100 bags of crisps off the shelves.

However, not all companies may be quick to action. Even though individuals are careful not to consume food that contains allergens, the lack of warning or proper food labels can put them at risk.

Just browsing the snack aisle, consumers may find a number of snacks and beverages that surprisingly contain milk and other allergens. With millions of Americans affected by allergies, it is crucial for food manufacturers to state when their product contains the allergen.

The presence of even a small amount of allergen could trigger a life-threatening reaction such as anaphylaxis. The person may experience difficulty breathing, nausea and shock.

Can a manufacturer be held liable?

Manufacturers have a legal responsibility to warn consumers about any safety hazards their products may pose. Food labels can cause severe harm if they fail to disclose ingredients that many consumers may be allergic to.

Those who suffer injuries or even death due to such a slight may hold the manufacturer liable. Through a personal injury lawsuit, they may recover compensation for their medical bills and damages. It also allows them to hold irresponsible companies accountable.

Food labels may appear small, yet their impact is significant. While it’s important for consumers to watch what they are eating, they may have no way of knowing the risks their food poses if companies mislabel them.


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