5 valuable people to talk to after a car accident

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The sudden and shocking turn of events due to a car collision can severely disorient injured parties. The rush of emotions can leave them too stunned to immediately know what to do and who to turn to.

However, they must communicate with different types of people at some point after the wreck. Thus, it is important to know who can help them process and overcome their difficult circumstances.

Who to talk to after a crash

Missouri’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) reminds drivers to act safely and responsibly after a road catastrophe. The DMV recommends taking a few moments to compose one’s self before facing the situation and interacting with the necessary people.

As soon as they can, survivors must reach out to the following individuals:

  • Other drivers and their passengers: Check if they require any form of assistance. While waiting for help to arrive, use the time to exchange vital information, such as contact details, license numbers and insurance companies.
  • Emergency responders: An emergency response team after a 911 call can be at the scene to assess urgent medical needs. Regardless of the severity of injuries, seek an appointment with a doctor to detect complications and prevent further damage.
  • Police officers: The authorities can prepare an official report that includes significant details to establish the facts of the case. Their account of the events is critical as it can provide a neutral perspective for the claim.
  • Insurance adjusters: When insurance agents try to reduce the amount they must release, it is crucial to respond politely. Disrespect can only antagonize them and make negotiations harder than they already are.
  • Loved ones: Aside from their reassuring presence during such distressing times, families can also assist with the paperwork. Further, they can notify employers on behalf of the affected parties.

More people may be involved if the accident occurred with a truck or a defective vehicle. Trucking companies with insufficient maintenance procedures and manufacturers with malfunctioning designs may be partly liable for their negligence.

What not to say after a tragedy

Knowing who to talk to is one thing, but being cautious about what to say is another. Saying anything conclusive or belittling the extent of injuries in front of law enforcement officers or insurance adjusters may invalidate a claim. They may also perceive an apology as an admission of fault. Thus, a legal advocate is another valuable person to talk to. They can investigate and collect proof before advising the injured parties to provide any statement. Doing so can help recover the financial compensation survivors deserve to fully recover and drive again.


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