Electrolux recalls gas cooktops for gas leak and fire risks

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There is nothing quite like the comfort of home. But it is not without its hazards. Aside from improper usage of items around the house, products can also malfunction. Without proper precaution and supervision, events can quickly turn sideways.

Cooking, for example, primarily caused home fires and their corresponding injuries for four consecutive years and became the second most deadly reason for home fire deaths, per the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).

However, not all cooking-related home accidents result from a person’s bad judgment. Sometimes, a kitchen product may simply be defective. Electrolux recently recalled over 77,000 Frigidaire 30- and 36-inch gas cooktops sold from 2016 until 2022 nationwide due to cracking or breaking plastic control knobs.

As a remedy, the Consumer Product Safety Commission warns buyers to immediately stop using them and ask the company for a free replacement. The faulty product had 63 reports, including a minor gas leak injury and a fire incident.

When faced with gas leaks and fires, NFPA recommends observing preventive measures.

Heightening home safety when using volatile products

Depending on the circumstances and the house’s structure, fires can rapidly devastate homes. Gas leaks can cause nausea, dizziness and breathing difficulties. Especially in enclosed spaces, they may escalate to unsafe levels, leading to unconsciousness or death from explosive gases.

While the following seems like basic ways to use gas cooktops at home safely, NFPA still reiterates that it is critical to:

  • Set timers to keep the person cooking alert
  • Clear the area of any object or material that can easily catch fire
  • Turn off the gas cooktop when leaving the area even on short durations

Missouri families must also be extra mindful of all possible exits or escape routes. Evacuation must be the instinctive response during these dangerous situations. Calling for help or necessary medical assistance must also take precedence when already in a secure location.

Taking steps to protect consumer rights

Consumers trust manufacturers to create products with their convenience and safety in mind. So, it is alarming when what they thought would bring them convenience turns out to be defective enough to cause severe injuries or deaths. Liability claims often involve big companies willing to fight to shift blame. Thus, injured parties must be equally ready with counsel to fight for their consumer rights.


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