3 signs your medical care was less than professional

On Behalf of | Sep 12, 2022 | Medical Malpractice

You’ve fallen ill recently and it’s been recommended that you go to the hospital for a diagnosis and treatment. In medical facilities like this, you’re putting your health and your life in the hands of the staff and doctors.

This is a huge responsibility for hospital staff, and doctors are legally obliged to adhere to certain standards of care. While most doctors honor this, there is a minority who fall short of the mark. 

Have the following signs of unprofessionalism occurred in your case? 

Your care was disorganized

Your medical team is tasked with finding the appropriate diagnosis and coming up with a suitable treatment plan. This involves many moving parts, and organization is key. Did a member of staff lose your medical records or confuse you with another patient? While you may be forgiving of this, the truth is that carelessness like this could place your life in danger. 

You’ve been left in the dark 

The staff members treating you also have a duty to let you know what’s going on. Has someone told you that they’d be back to see you but never turned up? Have you been taken to surgery without having the first idea what’s going on? If you’re alert and awake then it’s vital that doctors communicate with you. 

Nobody listened to you

Scientific tests provide the majority of answers to medical issues nowadays. However, they are not the only aspect of making a diagnosis. Listening to you describe your symptoms is still very valuable. If you haven’t been listened to, then something could be missed, meaning that you do not receive the treatment that you need. 

If your medical team has failed in their duty of care, then you may be able to hold them to account. Seeking legal guidance will help to make your options clearer. 


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