Depressed physicians may be at an increased risk of medical malpractice

On Behalf of | Jun 5, 2020 | Medical Malpractice

When a Kansas City area resident goes to the doctor, they believe their doctor will do a good job listening to their patient and offering solutions for their ailments. Most of the time, the relationship that exists between doctor and patient is trusted and time-tested. Patients trust that their doctors will take the time to understand their patients and offer the best possible treatments. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always occur and sometimes a medical mistake occurs.

A recent study in the medical journal, JAMA Network Open, found that physicians who were depressed had a higher risk of medical errors than other physicians. The study showed that depressed doctors had a 95% higher risk of causing medical errors. This can be an alarming statistic, especially for Americans where there are as many as 250,000 patients dying each year because of a medical error.

If a doctor has depression it does not excuse him if he makes a medical mistake. Thousands of people in Kansas City and across the United States are affected by medical negligence each year. Trusted doctors make these mistakes and severely injure or even kill their patients. Families are left wondering what happened. A legal professional who is skilled in medical malpractice can help a family get the answers they deserve. An attorney understands that a medical error is an unexpected traumatic event. A family may now, in addition to the emotional turmoil, be facing unexpected medical expenses. An attorney can hold the negligent physician responsible for their mistake and recover compensation for their client.

A negligent physician affected many families in Kansas City each year. Whether the medical negligence is the result of a surgical error, birth injury, missed diagnosis, or any other mistake, it is important to hold the medical professional accountable for their negligence so that no one else has to suffer.


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