When medical malpractice contributes to or causes drug addiction

On Behalf of | Feb 3, 2020 | Medical Malpractice

Doctors routinely prescribe strong analgesics to treat patients suffering from acute or chronic pain. These drugs provide patients with immediate relief, ensuring that they can continue working and taking care of their families. Unfortunately, analgesics containing opioids often lead to an unexpected but potentially deadly side effect that we all know as addiction.

Most patients appreciate the relief opioids provide but if they become addicted, their once orderly lives often dissolve into chaos and misery. Overprescribing by physicians is one such way this terrible addiction can occur. Once they realize they are addicted, many victims wonder if they can seek a medical malpractice lawsuit against the doctor or facility responsible for overprescribing.

Our response to this is yes, in some cases. In fact, victims in some states, including Missouri, are already involved in medical malpractice suits. The main foundation of these lawsuits revolves around certain claims drug manufacturers have made regarding their opioid products. For example, manufacturers routinely play up the benefits of their medicines while downplaying potential risks like drug addiction.

Sadly, we have seen the devastating consequences that come with prescription drug addiction. Often, victims who become addicted lose their jobs, their families and their self-respect, all because they suffered from pain.

We cannot say whether your unique situation qualifies you for a medical malpractice suit for any losses you suffered due to opioid addiction. What we can do is suggest a consultation with a medical malpractice law firm. This way, you can discover all of the legal options at your disposal.

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