Sacrificing traffic safety for convenience?

On Behalf of | Jun 28, 2018 | Auto Accident

Smart technology often has the effect of making us feel stupid. At least that’s what one reporter concluded after taking a drive around AAA’s test track using a car’s smart tech.

As you might know, AAA is among the many voices warning drivers across the country of the dangers of distracted driving. The nonprofit organization’s most recent research indicates that even smart-tech-equipped vehicles are adding to distractions that too often lead to accidents, injuries and fatalities.

The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety’s hands-on demonstration of the distracting powers of automobile infotainment systems made it clear to the Washington Post reporter that installed or added infotainment “could be making matters worse.” He says everyone involved – carmakers, phone manufacturers, federal government and a significant portion of the public – have apparently agreed “to sacrifice a certain number of lives for everyday convenience.”

Infotainment systems provide drivers with directions and music, as well as access to emails and text messages. While it’s convenient to have all of that at your fingertips, it’s also increasing the risks of distracted driving crashes as you make your way around Kansas City.

AAA’s hands-on demonstration for reporters backs up the findings of its new study that shows that installed infotainment systems are slightly more distracting than the Apple and Android systems you can add to a vehicle. Of course, that doesn’t mean the add-ons are actually making you safer. AAA’s findings indicate that they’re just slightly less dangerous than the systems new vehicles are typically equipped with today.

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