Types of spine injuries caused in MVAs 

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During an accident, several types of injuries can occur. One of the most common is spine injuries. 

If you’re involved in an MVA (motor vehicle accident) caused by another party and experience a spine injury, you may be entitled to recover compensation. Learn more about common types of spine injuries caused by MVA’s here. 

Vertebral fractures

Your vertebrae are susceptible to fractures of all degrees and can occur at any point on the spine. Minor injuries may heal on their own, but more serious trauma can cause other conditions. You may experience vertebral compression fractures, flexion or distraction fractures, or burst fractures. These injuries can cause severe pain that worsens with movement. Many people require surgery or long-term care after this type of injury. 

Herniated discs

The spinal discs cushion the vertebrae and work like a shock absorber. They are made of a jelly, soft center, and a tougher exterior. In an accident, you may experience a herniated disc. The injury itself isn’t painful, but if the leaking fluid puts pressure on the nerves, you may experience severe pain. 


A common injury that impacts the spine in an MVA is whiplash. This is especially common in rear-end accidents. Symptoms of whiplash usually appear within a few days of the accident and can be mild to severe. 

Protecting your rights to recover compensation for your accident and injuries

After being involved in a car accident caused by another party, you should take steps to protect your rights. One way to do this is by immediately collecting evidence and seeking medical treatment. Knowing your legal options and rights is the best way to ensure that you can recover a fair amount of compensation for your accident and injuries. 


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