What is the problem with tailgaters?

On Behalf of | Feb 9, 2022 | Car Accidents

There is only so much you can control when you drive a car. However cautious a driver you are, you do not have the roads to yourself. Every other driver you encounter could do something that takes you out and lands you in the hospital.

You need to know where other vehicles are in relation to you. It is much easier to keep an eye on the vehicles in front of you. Yet, one of the biggest dangers comes from behind. 

Why do people tailgate?

There are several reasons that people engage in this kind of aggressive behavior:

  • They do not understand what a safe following distance is:  There is no one safe following “distance” as it depends on how fast you are going. There is, however, a safe following time, and that is three seconds. Try it next time you are out on the road and see how it varies from when you are crawling in traffic to when you are hurtling along the freeway.
  • They are not paying attention: Most drivers get distracted at some point, although some much more than others. They may not notice you braked or slowed.
  • They are desperate to overtake: Patience can be in short supply on the roads, and some drivers put the safety of themselves and others at risk in a rush to get somewhere. 

If a tailgater crashes into you, they might try to blame it on you, saying you braked suddenly. Yet, as the following driver, they must always be alert to your actions and keep a safe distance at all times. Having helped to put the blame where it belongs will be crucial to getting the compensation you need.


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