In addition to drowning, pools pose illness and injury risks

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Jumping into a swimming pool on a hot summer day is one of life’s greatest pleasures and a fun way to beat the heat. Children typically enjoy visiting one of Kansas City, Missouri’s many public pools. It is also an efficient way for parents to watch over their kids in a relatively small space.

Most parents make sure their children know how to swim to reduce the possibility of drowning. They also teach their kids how to play safely with others to avoid pool-related injuries.

What other personal injury or illness dangers exist in pools?

You may assume that most public pools are safe and watched over by lifeguards and other emergency personnel. However, it is what you cannot see that often causes the most problems.

  • Recreational water illness. If the public or privately-owned pool contains contaminants like dangerous microbes or even common germs, a family member may become ill. Having the forethought to connect a recent pool trip with symptoms like diarrhea helps you get proper treatment for your family.
  • Other illnesses and symptoms. Watch your family after your pool visit for signs of an illness. Some of the most common symptoms other than diarrhea include unusual skin rashes, congestion with coughing, eye and ear pain.

Nearly all water illnesses occur when germs enter the area. For example, if a swimmer is recovering from diarrhea, he or she may bring tiny bits of fecal matter (poop) into the water unknowingly. When you face exposure to these fast-spreading particles, you can become ill with diarrhea or respiratory infections.

Do not discount the danger of these two illnesses. Many respiratory conditions and chronic diarrhea require medical treatment, sometimes with hospitalization, to prevent worsening symptoms or complications (dehydration, etc.). Like many Kansas City residents, you may have trouble paying for medical treatment, but a personal injury or premises liability claim could be the solution you need.

Property owners must make sure their pools are routinely cleaned and maintained to prevent illness and injury. If you can prove that the pool owner failed to make the property safe for visitors, consider seeking financial compensation through an injury claim. Success ensures you have the funds necessary to help your loved ones heal and return home as quickly as possible.


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