Woman rear-ended, hurt in hit-and-run auto accident

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Any auto accident in Kansas City can cause severe injuries and long-term problems. If it is a rear-end crash, the people in the vehicle that was hit from behind are especially vulnerable. These accidents are made worse when the vehicle that caused the collision flees the scene. For those who have been hurt, it is important to understand the potential long-term ramifications and know how best to move forward when seeking compensation for medical costs, property damage and more.

Hit-and-run crash leaves woman injured

A woman was injured and her car irreparably damaged after a tow truck rear-ended her. The truck then fled the scene without exchanging information nor checking on the woman to see if she needed medical attention. The woman was in a new Nissan Altima when the accident happened. She saw the tow truck behind her and noticed it was going at an excessive speed. Before she had the chance to turn, she was hit.

She was taken to the hospital with several injuries including to her back and shoulder. The vehicle is a vital part of her life because she needs it for her job as a security officer. Currently, she is recovering from her injuries, does not have a car and cannot work. Law enforcement is searching for the tow truck and has asked for the public’s assistance in locating it and the driver.

The aftermath of a hit-and-run crash can cause many problems

People who are in an auto accident can face myriad challenges in its wake. Injuries can render the person unable to work and lead to major medical expenses. For those who were rear-ended, there might be an initial belief that they were not severely injured, but with many of these accidents, it takes time for the injuries to manifest. That is especially true with neck and back injuries that frequently accompany being rear-ended. It is important to think about the physical and financial problems that come with a crash and weigh the options to be compensated.

Having legal assistance may be key

In this accident, the tow truck that hit the woman from behind is still being sought. As she tries to recover from her injuries and navigates her situation without a car and a job, it may be wise to think about a legal filing. This can be essential to recover sufficient compensation for all that was lost. A firm with experience in auto accidents can assist with the investigation and in taking the necessary steps to file a claim. Calling for a consultation is the first step.


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