Fiery, fatal head-on crash in Lawrence

On Behalf of | Jun 24, 2020 | Auto Accident

Our metro area is a major traffic artery, located at the center of the U.S., with thousands of local and non-local vehicles on the road at any given time. As a result, driving in Kansas City can be a headache, or all too often, catastrophic. The dangers of driving in our area were highlighted last week by a head-on crash that killed six, injured one, and engulfed two vehicles in flames.

The head-on collision occurred Thursday evening on U.S. Highway 40, west of the U.S. 59 interchange. According to the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office, an SUV going westbound collided with an eastbound SUV, causing both cars to burst into fire. The head-on collision killed all six occupants of the westbound SUV, and the eastbound SUV’s driver was transported to a local hospital with serious injuries. No other details have been released by the sheriff’s office, and the accident is currently under investigation.

This accident shows how dangerous our roads can be, but this does not mean the victims of this accident cannot seek justice. The pain and suffering victim’s experience, like those in this case, due to negligent drivers is not the responsibility of the victims to bear alone.

Once the negligent driver is known in this case, the other driver, or the victims’ families can sue that negligent driver. While this will not erase the pain of the accident or the families’ grief, it will hold the negligent driver responsible and help them get back to some sense of normalcy.

Motor vehicle accident victims and their families can receive compensation for all of their pain and suffering. However, getting this compensation is seldom easy, which is why contacting a professional as soon as possible is so important.


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