Missouri roadways are plagued by drivers with road rage

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If you’re one of many Missouri residents who drive to and from work every day, you’ve likely witnessed a near-collision or two in your travels. Perhaps, you saw a driver cut someone off at a merger or a vehicle cutting in and out of traffic lanes, in a rush to get wherever he or she was going. Commuting to the workplace can definitely be dangerous.

The more cautious and alert you are at the wheel, the greater your chances of arriving safely to your destination. However, your safety is not entirely reliant upon your own driving habits. There’s not much you can do about other drivers’ behavior, especially those who happen to be experiencing road rage. There’s no telling what can set one of these people off. Someone’s bad temper can cause a collision that lands you in the hospital.

Know the triggers of driver rage

Short of being able to interview every motorist with whom you share the road, you really can’t tell what’s going on in other people’s minds. You can, however, be aware of certain issues that are often factors in road rage incidents. In addition to helping yourself remain calm in high-stress situations, you might be able to avoid collision by being able to recognize signs of potential danger. The following list shows road rage triggers that often precede sudden collisions involving reckless drivers:

  • When is the last time you navigated Missouri roads when there was no traffic? While the average motorist should expect to share the road with other drivers, some people become enraged when they can’t move as quickly as they’d like to because of a traffic jam.
  • You’re not responsible for another driver’s schedule. You might be the victim of a reckless driver, however, if he or she is running late, as that is a common trigger in many road rage incidents.
  • Some people could not care less about traffic laws. While you have the right to reasonably expect other drivers to obey them, there’s no guarantee that this will happen.
  • You might be sharing the road with someone who thinks it’s no big deal to make rude gestures, shout at other motorists, or use his or her vehicle in an aggressive way.

If you notice potential danger on the road because another driver is exhibiting signs of road rage, the best thing you can do is try to safely distance yourself from him or her. You might think the situation warrants calling 911, in which case it’s important to try to pull off the road as safely as possible before making the call.

What if an enraged driver hits you?

Road rage often leads to negligent or reckless driving. If you suffer injury in a collision you didn’t cause, you should not have to bear the full financial burden associated with the incident. Many Missouri accident victims obtain compensation for damages by filing personal injury claims against those deemed responsible for their injuries.


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