The Fourth of July and the risk of personal injury

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Independence Day is a day we most ardently look forward to as we await the sounds and splendor of fireworks. Kansas City celebrates this event through a full weekend affair. People gather around the lawn of the National WWI Museum and Memorial on July 2nd for the Stars and Stripes Picnic. On July 4, others can enjoy the Star Spangled Spectacular in Overland Park or an all-day celebration in Parkville.

With all the excitement, we sometimes forget how dangerous fireworks are. Fireworks can cause unforeseen injuries, such as minor burns and second- and third-degree burns. The sparks from fireworks can also cause fires and property damage. Severe burns may require expensive medical treatment and rehabilitation. If you have sustained personal injuries or damages to your property due to the improper usage and or storage of fireworks, you may recover compensation.

Who is responsible for the injuries?

Before holding someone liable for the damages you suffered, you must prove there was either negligence or the product was defective. It would rely significantly on the cause of the accident. Here are the parties that might be liable:

  • The manufacturer who may have produced defective fireworks
  • The distributor of the fireworks who should have followed protocol when storing and selling the explosive products
  • A neighbor who ignited fireworks without authorization
  • The organizers of the event who did not have proper safety measures

Negligence is a legal standard people must adhere to so they avoid causing harm to others. Their recklessness caused you pain and suffering.

Comparative negligence in your personal injury case

Because Kansas City practices comparative negligence, you only have to prove that your negligence was less than the person who caused the damages. You may receive compensation for economic and noneconomic damages.

Injuries and damages related to fireworks can be critical, but more importantly, they are preventable. You should know who was to blame for your pain to get justice.


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