3 examples of defects in medical devices

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Manufacturing and designing companies in the medical field use top-notch ideas and tools to make safe devices. However, some don’t follow strict procedures or use advanced solutions, resulting in substandard devices that can lead to serious and permanent injuries.

Any company can make a mistake. For this reason, all devices should be quality checked to ensure they meet the required safety and quality standards. A company releasing a defective product into the market may be considered negligent.

Here are three examples of defects in medical devices.

Manufacturing and design defects

The manufacturing process is crucial in any device, including medical ones. A defect in this stage, such as using the wrong materials, cracks and scratches can lead to poor functioning and injuries. Defects in the original design of a product are also dangerous.

Falsified information

Medical devices should include accurate information, including their purpose, indication of use, the disease/condition it treats, cures, diagnoses, or prevents, the manufacturer’s name and location, expiration date and the device’s diagram. A company providing information that misrepresents the product or its source may mislead the consumer. Further, crucial information should not be concealed.

Failure to warn

Manufacturing companies should provide adequate warning to consumers about the possible dangers of a medical device. During manufacturing, trials and quality checking, experts should notice the product’s dangers.

Failure to warn is a defect that may be viewed as negligence. It will also be best for healthcare professionals to remind consumers of a device’s warnings and side effects.

Defects in medical devices, such as prosthetics, pacemakers, hip implants, heart valves, and so on, make up a high number of product liability cases. If you are injured by a defective device, learn more about your case to determine the compensation you deserve.


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