Did your doctor fail to ask for assistance? 

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When you’ve checked into a medical facility you expect to be treated to the highest standard. You are perfectly entitled to feel this way, as ultimately, it is your well-being and potentially your life that’s at stake. 

All medical professionals owe you a legal duty of care, which means if their negligence causes you harm, then they are liable. Doctors are typically highly intelligent and well-trained, but they are not superhumans. 

Did your doctor fail to ask for assistance when they should have? 

Were they complacent? 

As mentioned, doctors are highly skilled individuals. Unfortunately, a minority of doctors can become complacent rather than confident. No two people are the same, thus, medical conditions don’t always behave in exactly the same way. If your doctor went with the “easy” diagnosis and didn’t rule out everything else or refer you to a specialist when it was needed, that can be malpractice.

Were they scared of the consequences? 

Most hospitals try to take care of their staff, but some do not. Because of a hostile working environment, it’s possible that a doctor might feel scared to ask for help. Sometimes, doctors fail to ask for help because of internal policies and budgetary measures that could put them under unwanted scrutiny.

Was no help available?

Occasionally, a doctor will have asked for help but it just never arrived. Some hospitals seriously stretch their resources and they can be understaffed. Cutbacks might have to be made but these should never come at the expense of the patient. 

You go into the hospital to get better and not worse. If your condition has been worsened by a negligent doctor, then be sure to look into your legal options


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