3 ways medical professionals can help prevent birth injuries

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Expectant mothers make a lot of sacrifices to bring a healthy baby into the world. They have to change dietary habits, sleep schedules and sometimes even work responsibilities. Their bodies undergo drastic changes during pregnancy, and their very lives are at risk during labor and delivery.

Still, most expectant mothers are eager to welcome their child and depend on the care of medical professionals who can make the birth a little bit safer. Doctors, nurses and midwives with medical training can all help provide support for the safety of the expectant mother and the unborn child.

With the right care, medical professionals can reduce your risk of a birth injury. How can healthcare workers prevent birth injuries that can have lasting consequences for a child?

Through careful fetal monitoring

The labor process is stressful for mother and baby. Sometimes, the unborn child can go into distress and require emergency medical care. Consistent fetal heart rate monitoring during labor can help medical professionals intervene when necessary. 

Respect the natural process of birth

Modern medicine can facilitate a safer, more comfortable birth process. However, once doctors start providing interventions, they often need to escalate those interventions. Doctors can often provide better care for patients by recognizing and supporting the natural process of birth rather than trying to control it. 

Following best practices when it comes to interventions

Doctors sometimes have to work with few resources and very little support. They may need to use drugs for less-common purposes and even get creative with the tools at their disposal. That situation will almost never arise in modern birth wards, as labor often progresses slowly and there are many available tools and medicines.

Sadly, some doctors will engage in labor and delivery practices that are not considered safe. Administering drugs not approved for use during pregnancy would be an example. Pregnant and laboring women should be able to trust that their health care providers will give them the support they need when their labor starts without taking steps that put them at unnecessary risk.

When professionals fail to offer proper support during labor, the family may have to adjust to lasting consequences from a birth injury. Bringing a medical malpractice claim against the doctor or facility involved can help families struggling with the unexpected impact of a birth injury.


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