Proper medical care is vital after suffering severe burn injuries

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Chances are, you have suffered a burn at some point in your life and know how painful they are, even when minor. Severe burns that penetrate several layers of tissue are typically excruciating and can lead to complications.

Negligent burn injuries can occur in several ways, including motor vehicle accidents and mishaps on public or private property. Unless the burn is minor, victims of burn injuries can expect a long and expensive journey towards recovery.

Third and fourth-degree burns are the most severe

First-degree burns are the least problematic and can heal with proper at-home treatment. Second-degree burns are a little more severe but typically respond well to treatment.

The other two degrees of burn injuries (third and fourth-degree) require medical intervention as they damage tissue underneath the layers of skin. Burns in the fourth degree can destroy skin, fat, muscle and even bone.

Unfortunately, severe burns often come with complications, including a high risk of infection, even with careful treatment. The long process of healing usually requires:

  • Surgery to graft undamaged layers of skin onto burned tissue
  • Rehabilitation to maximize healing potential
  • Physical and occupational therapy to encourage independence and mobility
  • Mental health treatment to help with psychological harm (depression, anxiety, etc.)

With treatment, most patients continue to experience ongoing pain, itchiness and extreme fatigue throughout the healing process.

If your burn injuries arose due to a Kansas City, Missouri, motor vehicle or premises accident, you could qualify for substantial financial compensation. Learning more about Missouri injury and compensation laws can help you decide whether to seek compensation through insurance claims or a personal injury lawsuit.



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