Can I lawfully install a camera in a Missouri nursing home room?

On Behalf of | Sep 2, 2021 | Elder Abuse

Whether it’s at their front door, attached to their garage or looking out into their living room, it seems like everyday people have grown accustomed to having a camera installed that can track the goings-on around their house 24/7.

You may have considered purchasing a surveillance camera like the ones in your home to keep tabs on your loved one if they’re in a nursing home to help prevent or at least spot abuse. Is it lawful to install a camera there?

Missouri law does allow for nursing home camera installation

The Authorized Electronic Monitoring in Long-Term Care Facilities Act went into effect last year in Missouri. The law, in part, states that residents may request video surveillance equipment in their rooms. It also states that these facilities may comply with requests to allow access to those people designated to install the surveillance equipment.

How valuable might recordings be in proving abuse or neglect?

There have been several similar laws instituted not just here in Missouri but across the U.S. in recent years. The advocates behind these laws have been family members who have witnessed their loved ones suffer unwarranted abuse and neglect at their caregivers’ hands.

Elder abuse and neglect are significant issues in long-term facilities. Residents may be abused physically, financially, emotionally or sexually.

While statements and photographs can be powerful, a hidden camera in your loved one’s nursing home room can prove invaluable in convincing a judge or jury of liability in both criminal and civil cases. You’ll want to continue learning about your rights to film inside your loved one’s room before installing a camera, including any restrictions that apply. You’ll want to take swift action if you notice any inappropriate situations on the video to ensure that your loved one doesn’t suffer any further harm and to help protect others.


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