High staff turnover can spell trouble at nursing homes

On Behalf of | Aug 22, 2021 | Personal Injury

Trying to find a suitable long-term care facility for a loved one can be a challenging journey. While many people will focus on things like ensuring the services the person needs are offered and that the accommodations are comfortable, there’s another very important point that you must check. This is the staff turnover. 

Higher staff turnover rates pose a problem at these facilities. This is especially true if the turnover involves staff members who are directly responsible for resident care. Across the industry, the median turnover for staff at nursing homes is around 100%, but that’s higher for facilities that have fewer federal star ratings. 

Why is staff turnover problematic for residents?

Each time a person responsible for direct resident care leaves the facility, a new person has to be trained to provide care. Many residents at these facilities have complex needs that can be difficult to manage when there aren’t enough caregivers around. 

Some residents in long-term care facilities can’t speak up for their needs, and others simply won’t speak up. This can leave a gap in critically needed care for those residents. Unfortunately, the residents who aren’t getting what they need can suffer from injuries and may have serious consequences because of the substandard care that could have been corrected if there was a solid, continual staff at the facility. 

Anyone who’s suffered harm due to nursing home negligence should get medical care for the injuries they suffer. They may opt to pursue a claim for compensation to defray the costs that they have to deal with because of the negligence. These cases are time-sensitive, so taking swift action is imperative.  


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