4 ways to reduce driver fatigue

On Behalf of | May 13, 2021 | Auto Accident

Driving requires you to be alert, yet, sitting down motionless does not help you stay alert. Hence the roads are full of drivers descending into a state of slumber.

Commercial drivers spend more time sitting behind the wheel than most, hence are among the most likely to drift off while driving. Because their vehicles are bigger than most, the consequences can be far more severe.

Drivers know when they are feeling tired and should take action

Drivers need to be aware of how tiredness affects their safety. Here are a few simple ways a driver can reduce driver fatigue:

  1. Sleep: There are many reasons why a driver might not have had an adequate sleep. That does not make it ok for them to drive when they are too tired to do so in safety. If they are too tired to drive, they should pull over and have a short sleep.
  2. Rest: Getting a perfect eight hours of sleep does not mean you can drive all day without stopping. Rest stops are essential throughout the day. Getting out of the vehicle helps blood flow around the body and refreshes the muscles and the brain. It allows drivers to react faster in an emergency.
  3. Hydration: Coffee can help raise short-term alertness. So can energy drinks. Yet they are temporary fixes. Drowsiness is often down to a lack of hydration. Maintaining a regular water intake is the best solution.
  4. Healthy eating: When a driver feels tired at the wheel, they often grab a sugary snack as a quick pick-me-up. Yet, they fail to realize the drop that comes after the sugar high could leave them more exhausted than before.

If you are in a vehicle crash, the other party and their insurer may try to use tiredness as an excuse. It is irrelevant. If they were at fault, you need adequate compensation.



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