Amputations can be because of medical malpractice

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It is also sad when a Kansas City resident losses his or her limb, especially if it involves the loss of an entire arm or leg.

Many times, people undergo amputation after a serious accident that leaves the person’s limb in such poor shape that they are better off without it.

In other situations, surgeons amputate limbs because of a medical condition like diabetes, an infection or cancer.

While in some cases, this is unavoidable, in other situations, medical malpractice might be a reason for why a patient has to undergo a painful and life-altering amputation of an arm or leg.

A missed or delayed diagnosis can lead to an unnecessary amputation

The improper diagnosis or treatment of a disease like cancer can mean that the condition gets worse.

For example, in the case of cancer, a tumor could grow and spread within a person’s limbs. If a doctor missed an opportunity to detect this cancer before it got worse, it could mean the difference between a patient keeping or losing his or her limb.

Poor care or flagrant mistakes can also contribute to unneeded amputations

At other times, doctors and hospitals can make such serious mistakes that a patient has to have an amputation, or an additional amputation, as a result.

For example, errors involving wrong site surgery happen with surprising frequency. After a wrong site amputation, a patient may discover that he or she will have to lose both of his or legs since the medical staff removed the patient’s healthy limb.

Likewise, bad sanitation, poor monitoring of patients or other careless medical practices can contribute to significant infections and other diseases which may require amputation to correct.

A Missouri patient who suffers from an unnecessary amputation may both need and deserve substantial compensation for their losses.



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