Violations of safety protocol could lead to medical malpractice

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In Kansas City and throughout Missouri, there is an expectation that physicians and other medical professionals will adhere to the proper safety procedures when treating patients. This includes sterile equipment, gloves, cleanliness and having a medical facility that meets the necessary legal requirements for patient care. If there is a failure in this regard and the patient becomes ill or loses his or her life, it could be the foundation for a medical malpractice legal claim. Some medical professionals have been penalized for failure to adhere to basic rules. Those who might have been impacted by this behavior should be aware of their rights.

Doctor faces penalties for procedure on porch

A doctor had his license to practice medicine revoked after he amputated a patient’s toe without proper safety precautions. He was also said to have improperly provided painkillers to two other patients. The 73-year-old doctor’s office is in a rural area. The patient’s toe had gangrene. The procedure was not done in an officer or a medical center, but on the porch of the doctor’s office. The office is also used as a machine shed and did not have restrooms or running water. The doctor claimed that he was simply helping a friend who did not want to go to the hospital. He asserted that the circumstances were not a danger to the man’s health.

Patients injured after medical missteps may have a legal claim

People who visit a medical professional for any reason regardless of the location rely on the doctor and the staff to make sure there are sufficient safety protocols in place to avoid problems during or after treatment. If the rules are not followed, people can be harmed and even lose their lives. This can be the catalyst for massive medical expenses, the need for different treatment, and permanent damage. This is true in a large city or smaller rural area. When there is a belief that a medical professional has failed to adhere to the rules, it is important that the case be assessed to determine what steps to take.

Suspected medical malpractice must be investigated

Medical professionals are trusted to ensure any medical treatment is given in sterile environments. Failure to do so could result unexpected illness and death. For those who believe they have been victimized by a medical error, having legal advice can be a fundamental part of recovering compensation. Contacting a qualified legal professional who understands medical malpractice claims may be able to help.


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