Toy firearms again on watchdog’s “Worst Toys” list

On Behalf of | Jan 2, 2020 | Personal Injury

A group called World Against Toys Causing Harm recently released its annual list of toys that, at least from the standpoint of safety, the organization considers among the worst on the market this holiday season. Yet again, more than one toy firearm made 2019’s list. For instance, one of the ever popular Nerf guns, the Ultra 1, can fire darts so far, and so fast, that the dart could cause eye injuries. Although the toy includes warnings, it interestingly does not include eye protection. Nerf googles are sold separately.

Another toy firearm that made the list raised an additional concern. According to the watchdog group, the toy looks very similar to a real firearm. The group expressed concern that the similarity could confuse the public and law enforcement and lead to a tragic accidental shooting. Like the Nerf gun, this toy also fires projectiles that can cause eye injuries.

Fake weapons were not the only type of toy that made the list. Several children’s toys that presented choking hazards for babies and toddlers also wound up on the list. In some cases, the manufacturer had not included a warning that the toy could present a choking or strangulation risk.

This is the time in year in which children of all ages will enjoy new toys that may well have been gifts from well-intentioned friends and relatives. Parents in Kansas City are well-advised to inspect these toys and make their own decisions about when or even if they wish to let their children use them. However, it is ultimately a manufacturer’s job to make sure that the toys it puts out on the market are safe for users and include complete and accurate warnings. If they fail to do so, victims in Missouri may be able to allege product liability in a personal injury action.


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