Whiplash can have a long-term impact

On Behalf of | Oct 17, 2019 | Auto Accident

Victims of rear-end auto accidents frequently experience “whiplash,” although the condition can develop because of other traumatic injuries. Whiplash is an injury to the neck that happens because the neck gets lashed rapidly back and forth, much like the cracking of a whip, as a result of a sudden and forceful blow.

Fortunately, even though many people will suffer headaches, pain and stiffness, the symptoms may only last for a few weeks after their accident. Still, treating even a minor case of whiplash will likely require some medication and therapeutic exercises. Sadly, in a handful of cases, a victim will suffer long-term effects of whiplash. Some may even experience symptoms similar to what one would expect following a traumatic brain injury. In fact, sometimes the back-and-forth motion associated with whiplash also causes a traumatic brain injury, a broken bone in the neck or other serious damage.

Many victims of whiplash will experience symptoms for months or even years after an accident. In such cases, the victim may need expensive surgery in order to have any hope of a full recovery. Moreover, the victim may also be out of work, perhaps even permanently. Missouri residents who suffer whiplash as a result of an automobile accident are not dealing with a minor injury, like a scrape or a bruise. Whiplash can cost tens of thousands of dollars in medical expenses alone, not to mention lost wages. Moreover, there is also some consideration for the fact that a whiplash victim often endures a great deal of physical and emotional suffering. If a Kansas City resident suffers whiplash because of the negligent driving of another motorist, compensation may be available by pursuing a personal injury lawsuit.


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