Injuries at pools, water parks can be devastating

On Behalf of | Jul 25, 2019 | Personal Injury

Like the rest of the Central Plains, Kansas City has its share, and sometimes more than its share, of hot weather in the summer. On those hot and humid days, many families in the area take to the various pools and water parks around the community.

While days at the pool or water park are supposed to be relaxing, it is important to remember that they also pose a number of potential hazards. Of course, an accidental drowning or near drowning is always a concern, especially at facilities which do not have lifeguards at all or which have inadequate or under-trained staff.

However, other serious injuries are also relatively common at or around swimming pools. For instance, a traumatic brain injury is possible should a person strike his or her head on the bottom of a pool or even slip and fall on a slick surface, striking the edge of the pool or the pool’s deck.

Moreover, sometimes the equipment at a pool or water park can cause injuries which, albeit hard to conceive, are catastrophic. For instance, some poorly designed pool drainage systems have been known to exert such force on a child’s body so as to permanently ruin the child’s digestive tract. The end result could mean the child has to rely on a colostomy for the rest of his or her life.

Despite posted warning signs and similar measures, those who own these pools can be held responsible for injuries if they result from negligence. Someone who has suffered a pool-related injury, or their loved ones, may be able to file a personal injury case in order to recover compensation.


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