Recent tragedy shows fatal wrecks not just on highways

On Behalf of | May 23, 2019 | Auto Accident

Many times, the serious and fatal traffic accidents in this area that get the attention of Kansas City’s news media happen on major highways or, at least, on principal roadways where motorists travel at higher speeds. However, as a recent tragic case illustrated, deadly auto accidents can happen anywhere, even on the neighborhood streets.

A recent accident that left one driver dead illustrates this point, as it happened in a neighborhood on the Kansas side of the Missouri River and in broad daylight as well. It also appeared to happen at least close to a school zone. Police say that one man, a local who was just over 50, was traveling in one direction on the street and came upon a vehicle heading in the opposite direction. Police did not explain exactly how, but the cars managed to collide head-on, pushing the truck on to its side.

The man in the truck died at the scene of the accident, while the woman in the other vehicle had to be taken to the hospital. Police did say they expected the woman to survive the accident. Police continued to investigate the accident, but they said they thought at least one of the drivers was traveling too fast.

This observation raises and important point, and that is that, as is the case on highways, motorists need to observe the posted speed limits while heading through the area’s neighborhoods. In fact, these speed limits are especially important because neighborhood streets and sidewalks are frequently crowded with pedestrians, including small children who may not be mindful of how dangerous moving cars are. Likewise, neighborhood streets are frequently narrow and have cars parked along them, often in the path of traffic.


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