We are on the watch for negligent nursing homes

On Behalf of | Jan 10, 2019 | Medical Malpractice

A previous post on this blog talked about how the federal government monitors nursing homes that are allowed to take in Medicaid and Medicare patients and get reimbursed through these federal healthcare programs.

This post discussed how some nursing homes, which to some degree have raised concerns about their safety and health practices, wind up on a kind of watch list published by the federal government. Those homes on the watch list may work hard to improve their practices and get off the list, or, alternatively, they may eventually be declared ineligible for Medicare and Medicaid funding. At least one of these facilities on the recent watch list was in the Kansas City area.

While our law office does not maintain a watch list like that of the federal government, we do keep an eye on various nursing homes throughout the region and their practices. There are actually a lot of ways an aging or ill nursing home patient can get taken advantage of while they are a resident at a facility, but we are aware of these as well as the common warning signs that some sort of abuse or neglect is taking place.

When a client or his or her family come to us, our first priority is to protect the person from further abuse, while our second priority is to make sure he or she is fully compensated for his or her injuries. Doing these things often takes attention to detail, persistence in investigation and a thorough knowledge of the law in Missouri that covers elder abuse and neglect. These are all skills we take great pride in, and we’ve been able to use these skills to get successful results for our clients.


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