Will scooters cause injuries in Kansas City?

On Behalf of | Nov 8, 2018 | Personal Injury

As many residents of Kansas City probably know by now, the electronic scooters which first came on the scene in other states can now be found nesting near some of the city’s most popular hangout spots.

Besides being fun, the scooters meet a need for pedestrians who otherwise would have to drive and park to their favorite hangouts, often at the cost of an expensive parking spot. The scooter gives someone the ability to travel several miles quickly, even in their evening wear, and they’ve also been touted as a way to keep the air quality good and carbon emissions low.

The problem is that these scooters can also be quite dangerous. In fact, albeit not in Missouri or Kansas, one group of those who claim they were hurt riding scooters has sued several distributors of these vehicles, saying that they were grossly negligent for distributing them in such a way where it was pretty obvious people were going to get hurt.

Indeed, both victims and doctors alike have reported a rash of significant injuries, including lost teeth, soft tissue injuries and even traumatic brain injuries, associated with accidents involving these scooters. Three fatalities have been reported across the country.

Some of the accidents involved riders who have not quite known how to handle the vehicle because they were not taught, while others involved those with whom these scooters share the streets and sidewalks. In many cases, riders do not use a helmet because one is not readily available.

A person injured in an accident involving one of these vehicles may have legal options available to him or her. One such option would be the filing of a personal injury lawsuit seeking compensation from the responsible party.


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