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What Should You Do When Someone Is Driving the Wrong Way?

wrong-way-167535_19201-1024x683.jpgWhen we get into our cars each morning to go to work, we accept that while we are safe drivers ourselves, we cannot control the behavior of other drivers with whom we share the road. Some drivers may be intoxicated, or choose to text or talk on the phone while driving. This type of behavior often leads to dangerous consequences. 

School Bus Fights: A Distraction for Drivers?

busdriver-68014_1920-1024x683.jpgWhile some school districts employ a bus monitor to supervise children, many public school systems rely on the driver alone to both transport and supervise kids on their way to and from school. Over the years, concerns have increased regarding behavior that goes unchecked because a school bus driver's attention is focused on the road. This behavior is being documented more frequently due to the popularity of smartphones. 

Missouri Ranks Dead Last in Safety

traffic-jam-688566_1920-1024x683.jpgA new report released by the National Safety Council puts Missouri dead last in its "State of Safety" ranking, with an "F" grade. The rankings are based on safety regulations at home, at work, on the roadway, and in the community. Most of the reasons for Missouri's poor placement are traffic-related. Missouri does not have a law requiring seat belt usage, does not require ignition interlock devices for first-time alcohol-related offenders, and is only one of three states that does not ban texting and driving. 

Regularly Inspect Your Vehicle to Make Sure It's Safe

car-mechanic.jpgIn case you missed it, June is the National Safety Council's National Safety Month. Throughout June, NSC and thousands of other organizations across the country are working to maintain their goal to "Keep Each Other Safe." This month focuses on reducing leading causes of injury and death at work, on the road, and in homes and communities.

Delayed symptoms prolong pain after car accidents

It was a day you will never forget. You may have started out the door with a list of errands or a briefcase full of reports. Maybe you were taking your children to visit their grandparents or you were meeting your spouse for a romantic dinner. What you didn't expect was that someone else would total your car and send you to the hospital with serious injuries.

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